With its infrastructure, based on citrus groves, factory, warehouse, office and logistics all the sectors of production of essences are covered, starting the processing of fresh fruit and achieving as from the beginning high and refined quality.

     The Province of Misiones is placed in the mesopotamic region of Argentina, it has a surface of 29,801 Km2. It limits North, East and South with Brazil and West with Paraguay and with the argentine province of Corrientes.
     A distinctive characteristic of the land is the numerous rivers that cross the whole province and that mark its limits, giving it this way its mesopotamic profile. In addition to the rivers you can also find a number of hills forming a range or chain that is oriented North/South.
     The province of Misiones, due to its ubication is highly circulated by people and merchandise, both domestic and international. The climate is sub-tropical, humid and has no dry periods. The average rainfall amounts to 2000mm per annum.